他们的忧郁   Their Own Doldrums

书籍 乳胶和丙烯

books  latex and propylene


将《忧郁的热带》(Tristes Tropiques)以及《巴黎的忧郁》(The Spleen of Paris)这两本书,通过切割,粘合,用颜料覆盖,直至看不出书的原貌,成为一个类似emoji表情中的开心的笑脸。笑脸表情是某种现代静物,在生活的方方面面,它的普遍性允许其被妄用。在笑脸背后的内容可以是空的,也可以是满的,也可以是矛盾的。


The two books "The Melancholy Tropics" and "The Melancholy of Paris" were cut, glued, and covered with paint until they could not see the original appearance of the books, and they became a happy smiling face similar to emoji. The smiley expression is a kind of modern still life, and its universality allows it to be misused in all aspects of life. The content behind the smiley face can be empty, full, or contradictory.

If our smiling face has a metaphorical thickness, it carries the story it has written. Are we going to wonder: Who has more sorrow about the melancholy of the tropics and the melancholy of Paris?