情感的转化 Conversion of Feelings

马蹄铁 蹄钉 金属清漆 数码微喷

100个直径10至14cm的马蹄铁 摄影作品微喷于铝板100 x 72cm

horseshoes  nails  metallic paint giclee

101 horseshoes in 10-15 diameter photo 100cm x 72cm




I scatter the nailed horseshoes along routes people must encounter in the space in order to discuss a concealed emotional boundary. Stepping on the tipping point of the nails triggers a sudden ache, by which I would like to refer to those strong yet vague pain gained from the interpersonal relationships.

Pain could be conceived as one of the challenges for people to undertake in the reality, and we all have different reactions towards it. No matter it is the immediate turning away from the extreme painfulness, or it is the gradual process that a horseshoes-like thick cuticle grows out and covers the physical body after a long distance walk, both are examples of an inner decision.