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Wu Tiao Ren Poster Exhibition

特别鸣谢 Special thanks:摩登天空  Modern Sky

展期 Duration:2017.5.6-5.20

开幕 Opening:2017.5.6  3:00pm

地址 Address:广州市海珠区怡乐路51号金乐大厦写字楼3楼307室

Yile Road No.51, Jinle Building Fl.3rd, Rm307, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

五条人乐队  Wu Tiao Ren五条人乐队 Wu Tiao Ren

五条人乐队。来自广东,主要成员有仁科、茂涛、邓博宇、于典。 2009年7月发行第一张民谣专辑《县城记》,凭此唱片,五条人荣获该年度中国“华语传媒音乐大奖/最佳民谣艺人”、《南方周末》年度致敬音乐大奖”等7个音乐奖项。2012年5月发行双CD唱片《一些风景》后,受到众多音乐评论家的高度好评,次年获得第十三届华语传媒音乐大奖“最佳乐队及最佳民谣艺人”。2015年发行《广东姑娘》,荣获台湾第六届“金音奖”等奖项。2016年12月推出最新唱片《梦幻丽莎发廊》,次年荣获阿比鹿音乐奖“年度民谣唱片”。五条人的音乐创作取材于现实生活、新闻事件、民间传说。乐曲风格多元,从地方戏曲、港台流行歌、民族音乐、西方摇滚、街头卖艺中吸取养分。不断尝试打破一些常规,去拓宽歌曲的可能性。

Wu Tiao Ren is a band from Haifeng, its main members being Ren Ke, Mao Tao, Deng Boyu and Yu Dian. In July 2009, they released the first album “A Tale of Haifeng” that received several musical awards, including “the Best Folk Musician” by the Chinese Media Music Awards, “Honorary Music Award” bySouthern Weekly, etc. In May 2012, the band released their 2-CD album “Some Scenery” that has been highly complimented on and appreciated by many music critics. In the following year, they received the “Best Band” and Best Folk Musician” awards presented by the 13thChinese Media Music Awards. In 2015, Wu Tiao Ren released the album “Canton Girl” that has received several awards, among which was the 6thTaiwan Golden Music Awards. Their latest album “Dreamy Lisa Salon” met the public in Dec. 2016, and has been awarded “Folk Music Album of the Year” by Abilu Music Awards. The music of Wu Tiao Ren has always been inspired by real life conditions, current social events and folklore. They are given to diversified music styles since they are used to learning from various resources, such as local opera, Hong Kong and Taiwan pop music, folk music, western Rock ‘n’ Roll, street singers, and so on. And the band never stops thinking outside the box to explore more possibilities in their musical adventure.

胡镇超  Hu Zhenchao胡镇超 Hu Zhenchao



Hu Zhenchao (Hu Zi) , 2012 graduated from Visual Communication Design of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, 2014 founded the "Hu Zi design studio". Cooperate with Wu Tiao Ren since 2009, in charge of designing posters, advertising video, albumn, stage visual effect, etc.

Personal website: http://cargocollective.com/hzc







“Back to Haifeng?” By riding a horse or taking a pig? Have already bought the train tickets? Why “Back to Haifeng?” Seeking for first love, nostalgia, or land without property right? Perhaps pull out the ancestor from the earth, party with him?

Posters are a form of evocation. Recently the Wu Tiao Ren “Back to Haifeng Live” cancel by some irresistible reason, but posters stay forever, guards for the non-existent, un-occurred concert.

Why Dreamy Lisa Salon? Cause Wu Tiao Ren is a condensed southern subtropical wet dream, every designer works for Wu Tiao Ren——no matter professional or amateur——don’t want to wake up from it, and become a new person in the dream.

And they all want to messing around, under the name of Wu Tiao Ren.

Text / Zhang Xiaozhou



Two years ago, Ren Ke and Mao brought in front of me their new recording to see if I could shoot a MV out of that. Eventually I decided to give them some of my edited videos so that they could take the liberty to use them to create background visual effects during live performance. I didn't get to see how this turned out until I went to their concert, and I was very much pleased because their music has brought brand-new vitality and a different interpretation to my videos. Recently, there has been some criticisms regarding their untamed spirit in music, which, accordingly, seems to gradually fade away as they’ve become successful and further away from their roots. From my perspective, their untamed musical spirit stems from their instincts, which is also the exact reason that drove them away from Haifeng and into the big wild jungle out there. I believe that all artists are confronted with the same problem, that is, how to create more challenges. Or could this whole discussion be about their being better-off than before? Fine! Good for them! Let’s go Dutch when we dine together next time. 

Text / Huang Xiaopeng