Mountain River Jump! - Revelation

时间  Time

2018.11.25 15:30-17:30

地点  Venue

四方当代美术馆1楼 Nebula 5 Space

Nebula 5 Space, 1F, Sifang Art Museum

* N=5 | Nebula 5 Space 为艺术家袁可如个人项目,在当天开幕及演出。

* N=5 | Nebula 5 Space is a Conceptual Space of Video & Installation by artist Yuan Keru. 


By virtue of the Astrology Dices and Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms, Mountain River Jump! will interpret the future revelation to the visitors in a space cabin overlooking a vast red desert.


1召唤一杯特调饮品(普罗米修斯Prometheus/红色沙漠The Red Desert)

2 领取黑色筹码

3 把筹码交给山河跳!以获得启示


1 To order a cup of special drinks: Prometheus or The Red Desert;

2 To get a black jetton;

3 To hand over the jetton to Mountain River Jump!, then you will get your future revelation.


主持 Host

山河跳!和“西王母”人偶 Queen Mother of the West


Mountain River Jump! and the Queen Mother of the West

Photo by: Tang Ting



Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. They are fearless in discussing subjects that can only be talked about behind closed doors and have broad interests in the ancient and the modern.

动物成语占卜卡  Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms

49张一套的占卜卡牌  A set of 49 divination cards, 

8.2×12.8cm×49  2017


Mountain River Jump! has chosen 49 Chinese animal idioms from the dictionary, then illustrated for them and made them into 49 divinatory cards. We can see how our ancestors described human’s situation through animal idioms. This kind of metaphors can be also found in Zhou Yi. These 49 cards can be distributed into 7 groups, from 0 The dragon’s nine distinguished sons to 48 Time flies like a golden crow and runs like a jade rabbit, including different stages of personal growth. For example, some of the cards are telling stories about newborn, development, fights, reflections and rebirth. Divinatory cards are common in human culture while Tarot Cards are the most popular. In China, there is also a long history of divination. Mountain River Jump! is using Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms to see what will come out when eastern cultural genes mix with fortunetelling in the context of the contemporary world. Meanwhile, they have strong curiosity towards human psychology and of individuals’ narration.

占星骰子  Astrology Dices  


Red copper dodecahedral dice with graved astrological symbols × 3, represents constellations, planets and houses respectively



In this autumn, Mountain River Jump! (Huang Shan, Huang He) has taken part in the artists in residence project in Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing. During their stay, they conducted a performance with two human-controlled inflatable puppets named Queen Mother of the West. To get more information about the project, please click "read more" at the bottom of the article.

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山河跳!是由1985年出生的双胞胎艺术家黄山、黄河的组成的艺术小组,2016年底在广州诞生。她们既有合作创作,也延续着各自长达多年的独立创作。山河跳!不避讳谈论在1949年至今依然处于半地下状态的民间话题,探讨兴趣穿梭古今中外,从人间信仰出发探讨主流与官方话语,并对当今现实进行语言和图像的“精神分析”, 试图剖析权力关系。创作形式包括讲座、互动工作坊、占卜行为、声音、静态或动态的视觉作品,注重人与人之间的交流和影响。 

山河跳!的近期项目包括:“DOJO 道场”:抽象艺术寺院,Le Commun,日内瓦,瑞士(2018);“㔷埋儿童节”,PARA SITE与歌德学院,香港,中国(2018);“300年后”,K11 Art Foundation,香港,中国(2018);“深渊 Red Eyes”,泰康空间,北京(2018);“牛鬼蛇神”,牛棚艺术村,香港,中国(2017),“斗法”,SLEEPCENTER,纽约,美国(2017);“人间传说之动物成语占卜卡”,长征空间,北京,(2017);“寓言帐篷:塔罗与占星”,OCAT深圳馆,深圳,中国(2016);“双感应”,五楼空间,广州,中国(2016);媒体文献包括Art Forum网站(展评,2017),ArtAsiaPacific网站(采访,2017),《美术文献》(2016年第10期)。

Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. The two collaborate as a group while have been working independently on their own solo projects for years. They are fearless in discussing subjects that can only be talked about behind closed doors, such as samsara, astrology, card divination, ghost stories, and mythology. They have broad interests in the ancient and the modern, and attempt to apply ‘cultural psychoanalysis’, at both the linguistic and visual levels, to their study of the reality of the present. They also examine mainstream and official discourses through their research of folklore, analyzing the social-power relationship. Their artistic practices cover a range of formats, including static visual works, moving images, sound, lectures, workshops, and divination behaviors while emphasizing the importance of the communications between people. 

Past projects include : “DOJO le temple de l’abstraction", Le Commun, Genéva, Switzerland (2018), “Underground-children-festival”, ParaSite and Goethe-Institut, Hong Kong, China (2018), “After Three Hundred Years”, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China (2018), “Red Eyes”, Taikang Space, Beijing, China (2018), “Ox-ghosts and Serpent Spirits”, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong, China (2017), "Reality Check", SLEEPCENTER, New York, America (2017), "Legends in Human World / Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms", Long March Space, Beijing, China (2017), "Fortune Teller's Tent- Tarot and Horoscope”, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China (2016), "Mutual Telepathy", 5 Art Space, Guangzhou, China (2016). Press reports include Art Forum (an exhibition review, 2017), ArtAsiaPacific (interview, 2017), and Fine Arts Literature (issue 10, 2016).