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“小黄老吉日” 6月16日 (星期六) 下午五时


艺术家: 山河跳!广东话及英语主讲

Para Site 艺术空间及香港歌德学院欣然呈现《 *㔷埋儿童节》,由张乐泓及秦文娟共同策划,将于2018年6月16日至7月31日于香港歌德学院展出。本展为两机构首次合作的新晋策展人计划,从历届Para Site新锐艺术人才工作坊的参加成员的展览征件中遴选而出。《*㔷埋儿童节》从对香港儿童节的质疑论调展开,构筑一个给予成人的另类“儿童节”,重新梳理此节庆的目的和意义,挑战其背后隐喻的既有权力结构。参展艺术家包括阿乐、陈翊朗、郑婷婷、陆平原、山河跳!及黄炳。

香港儿童节向来不受社会大众的重视,但每年4月4日仍为约定俗成的节日。多年以来,成人一直扮演儿童节的决断者,儿童则降格成这节日形式的被动受众。《 *㔷埋儿童节》旨在揭露和审视这个节日在保障和争取儿童权益及福祉的目标下的失效性。为强调此根本性的缺陷,展览通过七名来自不同背景的艺术家的创作,尝试回应和讨论围绕此问题延伸下的本质论述,借此隐喻其他官方公共庆典的虚伪。


Exhibition Opening & Artist Talk16.6.2018 (Sat) at 4:00 PM

2018 6.16-7.31 

Group exhibition in collaboration with Para Site’s Art Professionals programmeGoethe-Institut 14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre No.2 Harbour Road  

The Great Wong Lo Kut Day 

16.6.2018 (Sat), 5:00 PM 

Library, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre No.2 Harbour Road  

Guest: Mountain River Jump! 

Conducted in Cantonese and English

Para Site and Goethe-Institut Hongkong are delighted to present *underground-children-festival, an exhibition curated by Jens Cheung and Jill Angel Chun, on view at Goethe-Institut Hongkong from June 16 to July 31, 2018. This exhibition is the first joint-project by the two institutions supporting emerging curators, selected through an open call from alumni of Para Site's Emerging Art Professionals program over the past three years. Featuring newly commissioned and existing works by Luke Casey, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Cheng Ting Ting,Lu Pingyuan, Mountain River Jump!, and Wong Ping, *underground-children-festival takes Children’s Day in Hong Kong as its departure point, playfully exploiting contradictions within the festival’s intentions to reveal and to challenge its ingrained power structures. 

Although rarely observed, Hong Kong Children’s Day takes place on April 4 each year. For many years, children have been subjected to commemorative activities and events with adults being the ultimate decision makers and de facto authorities governing the day’s events. This exhibition explores the impossibility of this festival to fully proclaim children’s rights and to celebrate their autonomy. Addressing this fundamental flaw, through the works of these seven artists, *underground-children-festival seeks to illustrate the absurdity of this day, as a metaphor for the hypocrisy of other officially mandated public celebrations.


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关于作品  About Work

山河跳!Mountain River Jump! 

愚者之蛋占法双屏占卜  The Fool: Egg Divination

视频装置,录像长度 6'2",6'8",16:9,彩色,无声,循环

Duel-channel divination video installation, duration of the videos: 6'2", 6'8", 16:9, color, silent, looped


This newly commissioned work is based on the artist duo’s varying and wide-ranging interpretation of eggs. The work draws inspiration from the folk ceremonies related to this symbol for new life, which captures elements of mythologies, mass media, customary, daily life and religions. The work invites viewers to photograph the fast-moving images on the screen, and partake in an act of ritual egg divination. Each image will consist of a ‘divine reading’, composed of references to different cultures, festive ceremonies and socio-political implications. This work is a vast collection of symbols found in daily surroundings, and presents an unlimited set of outcomes and possibilities from a singular event.

关于艺术家  About Artist


山河跳!是由1985年出生的双胞胎艺术家黄山、黄河的组成的艺术小组,2016年底在广州诞生。她们既有合作创作,也会在同一语境下独立创作。山河跳!不避讳谈论在1949年至今依然处于半地下状态的民间话题,如轮回、星相学、卡牌占卜、幽灵传说、神话构成等等,探讨兴趣穿梭古今中外,从民间信仰出发探讨主流与官方话语,并对当今现实进行语言和图像的“精神分析”。创作形式包括讲座、互动工作坊、占卜行为、声音、静态或动态的视觉作品。近期项目包括“三百年后”,香港K11 Art Foundation;“深渊”,北京泰康空间;“唯心主义”,2017上海西岸艺术与设计博览会;“牛鬼蛇神”越过界国际跨媒体艺术节2017之(生成)洁净,香港牛棚艺术村; “斗法”, 纽约SLEEPCENTER等。

Mountain River Jump! is an artist-duo founded in 2016 by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, both of whom were born in 1985. They work as a group while continue their own practices under certain context. Mountain River Jump! like to discuss topics like samsara, astrology, card divination, ghost stories, mythology, etc., which are all denied officially in our secular context. Their interest covers the ancient and the modern. They apply lingual and visual “cultural psychoanalysis” to the reality nowadays and try to access the mainstream ideas and official utterance through the research of folklore. Their practices include a range of media from static visual works to moving images, lectures, workshops, divination behaviors, and sound. Recent projects includes: "After Three Hundred Years", K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong; "Red Eyes", Taikang Space, Beijing; "Idealism in the East", 2017 West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai; "Ox-ghosts and Serpent Spirits", BECOMING, Crossing Border Border Crossing-International Festival of Intermedia 2017, Cattle Depots, Hong Kong; "Reality Check", SLEEPCENTER, New York, etc.


PARA SITE 小*.jpg

Para Site艺术空间为香港首屈一指的当代艺术中心,亦是亚洲历史最悠久、最活跃的独立艺术机构之一。成立宗旨在透过展览、出版刊物及教育项目等活动,促进在地与国际间的对话,希冀打造一个对当代艺术、社会现象提出批判性论述及理解的平台。

Para Site is Hong Kong's leading contemporary art centre and one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and educational projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society. 

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