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Canton Gallery is honored to invites you 

to attend 

International Oil Painting Master Lin Zai-Chun

Solo Exhibition LINGER

Opening on 16 July

开幕时间: 2016年7月16日(星期六)下午三时至七时

展览日期:2016年7月17日 - 2016年9月16日



画廊地址:广州市海珠区怡乐路51号金乐大厦写字楼307室 邮编510260

Opening: 15:00 - 19:00, 16 July, Saturday, 2016

Exhibition Period: 17 July - 16 September, 2016

Guest of Honor: Mr. Chua Teng Hoe Consul-General of The Republic of Singapore in Guangzhou

Organizer: Canton Gallery

Co-Organizers: Guangzhou Public Artist Associantion, Grandview Group, United Art Collection Corporation

Address: Rm 307,Jin Le Mansion, Yi Le Road No.51, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Postcode 510260


— 新加坡国家美术馆馆长陈维德(Dr. Eugene Tan)


— 新加坡国家美术馆馆长陈维德(Dr. Eugene Tan)


— 国际知名艺评人策展人李永财(Lee Weng Choy)


—莫斯科车库当代艺术中心首席策展人、纽约国际独立策展人协会执行董事周丽影(Kate Fowle)






本次展览 , 我们也将首次有机会看到林载春先生为“金米黄金”品牌亲自执笔设计的黄金系列艺术衍生品十二生肖之“金龙呈祥”纯金挂饰。“金米黄金”此次特邀艺术家林载春先生创作,正是追求和实践【器·物】创新艺术化的印证。以更为创意性和突破性的呈现艺术家在黄金艺术器物领域的思考,探讨黄金艺术衍生品作为一种新的艺术形态的意义和价值。


林载春,国际知名的新加坡艺术家,祖籍中国海南,1972年出生于新加坡,现生活于北京。林载春自小深受其父的文艺浸染与熏陶,其父林明洲 (1937-2005) 是新加坡华语戏剧界重要剧作家,邵氏电影公司导演,新加坡报业界资深老报人。林载春曾就读于拉萨艺术学院和南洋美专,1997年毕业于澳大利亚皇家墨尔本理工大学雕塑系,20 世纪 90 年代末他学成归国后通过不懈努力迅速崛起为新加坡艺坛领军人物,2005 年他作为第五十一届威尼斯双年展新加坡国家馆唯一代表艺术家,凭借《鱼尾狮》艺术项目引起国际艺术界的关注。

2001年参加汉堡美术馆 Polypolis 展,2002 年参加《暂停》韩国光州双年展,2004年《理智与情感》悉尼双年展,2005年新加坡 ICA 个展,2005 年代表新加坡国家馆参加第五十一届威尼斯双年展,2005 年新加坡电力站艺术空间个展,2006 年《信念》新加坡双年展,2007 年《明天》韩国汉城 Artsonje 艺术中心,2007 年《铄石流金》北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心,2008 年《缺席的在场,在一个毫无意义的艺术世界》新加坡 SMU 艺术节,2009 年《就在拐角》北京箭厂空间,2010 年《捣蛋鬼创造世界》韩国白南准艺术中心,2013 年《无题》新加坡美术馆,2015 年《你叫什么名字 ? 》新加坡国家美术馆。

"With distinctive artistic style & characteristics, Lin Zai-Chun provides a unique perspective on Southeast Asian Culture to enhance the dialogue and communication among local, regional and international art."

— Dr. Eugene Tan, Director of National Gallery Singapore

"Lin Zai-Chun is the most important artist in Singapore, and he integrates artistic style, aesthetic ideal as well as ambition together in his art works."

— Lee Weng Choy, Internationally Recognized Art Critic & Curator

"Lin Zai-Chun is an artist who puts great emphasis on creating process, and he considers that the most significant element of art works is belief!"

— Kate Fowle, Chief Curator of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art & Director at Large of Independent Curators International

We are pleased to announce that Canton Gallery has extended an invitation to Internationally acclaimed Singaporian artist Lin Zai-Chun to participate in his first ever solo exhibition in China, featuring the artist's most recent oil paintings.

When Lin Zai-Chun moved from Singapore to Beijing in 2007, with the calmness generated after seeing too much for the eyes to feast upon, he stepped outside of his original fieldof vision, observing the distance between Southeast Asian and northern China. He observed and pondered upon Chinese politics and culture within the contemporary era based onhis own ethnic experience, thus creating a series of humanist artworks which are full of criticism and transcendence.

This time, at the invitation of Canton Gallery, he createda series of oil paintings which are beautiful, element andsentimental. Each is infused with rich poetic language, emphasizing the act of painting itself as ameans of pursuingunbridled freedom. The artist possesses command over artistic modeling, with every stroke drawn imbued with vitality. His paintings are famous for their symbolic ideas, and his implicit methods in painting allows the picture to conquer the viewer to a much greater degree. However, the senseof purity stressed in the work's formal language is coincidentally in accordance with traditional Chinese inkand wash. The work is rendered with sophistication and meticulousness, intertwining purity and complexity while at the same time, searching for the deep expression of a transcendent spiritual state.

Mr. Lin has participated in many world famous biennales, including Singapore Biennale, Biennale of Sydney, Gwangju Biennale. His works are also collected by many well known organizations such as National Gallery Singapore and International Painting Master Lin Zai-Chun Singapore Art Museum, UOB Bank as well as by personal collectors from home and abroad. He was awarded President's Young Talents by President of Singapore. He now teaches in the School of Experimental Art in Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts as guest professor.

On the day of the opening, Mr. Chua Teng Hoe the Consul-General of Singapore in Guangzhou, will attend Lin Zai-Chun's solo exhibition as an honorary guest. His presence will be a testament to cultural exchange between China and Singapore, there upon setting a precedent for continuous high level cultural and creative engagement between the two countries.

Also the President of the Guangzhou Public Artist Association, Mr. Guo Chenghui will issue a certificate of Honorable Membership to Mr. Lin, in recognition of his efforts and contributions to the development of art initiatives not only within the Pearl River Delta region but also contributions made internationally. Mr. Lin will be the first foreign cultural personage ever to receive the distinguished honor of joining this association.

This exhibition will also present the first opportunity to view the a series "Prosperity Brought by the Gold Dragon", a set of zodiac ornaments designed by Lin Zai-Chun and cast in pure gold made exclusively for the "Jinmi Gold" brand. The work represents the artist's pursuit of innovation through his artistic practice and use of artistic utensils. The exhibition aims to present the artist's creative and groundbreaking thoughts on gold artworks, thus presenting a discussion on the meaning and value of gold artwork as a new type of art.

Artist Biography:

Lin Zai-Chun ( 林载春 ), the internationally acclaimed Singaporean artist whose ancestral home is located in Hainan, China, was born in Singapore in 1972. From an early age, Lin Zai-Chun was influenced by his father, Lin Ming-Zhou (1937-2005) one of Singapore's most important dramatists within Chinese-speaking theatrical circles, director of the Shaw Brothers Film Studio, as well as one of Singapore's senior newspapermen in Singaporean journalism. Lin Zai-Chun studied as Lasalle College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1997. In the late 1990s, after graduation, he came back to Singapore and soon after, became a leading figure in Singaporean art after engaging in the unremitting endeavor of art creation. In 2005, he was selected as the only artist to represent Singapore to participate in the 51st Venice Biennale, drawing attention from international art circles with his art project "The Merlion".

His artworks have been presented in many exhibitions, including Polypolis, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg, Germany 2001; PAUSE, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Korea, 2002; On Reason and Emotion, Sydney Biennale, Sydney, Australia, 2004; Contemporary Self-Portraiture/Re-Assessing Identity, ICA Singapore, 2005; Singapore Pavilion, 51st Venice Biennale, Italy, 2005; Solo Exhibition, the Substation, Singapore, 2005; Belief, Singapore Biennale, Singapore, 2006; Tomorrow, Artsonje Centre, Seoul, Korea, 2007; Stray Alchemists, UCCA, Beijing, 2008; Absent Present, in a Meaningless Art World, SMU Arts Festival, Singapore, 2008; Just Around the Corner, Arrow Factory, Beijing, China, 2009; Trickster Makes This World, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korea, 2010; Untitled, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, 2013; Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore Since the 19th Century, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore, 2015.



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