We're honored to announce that the individual exhibition "Please Enjoy" by Cai Huansheng will be exhibited at Youhe Space — the extension of Canton Gallery. Located in Huimei St. No.1, Youhe Rd. Haizhu District, G.Z., the exhibition room has an area of 50 m². Canton Gallery has always been adhering to its consistent aims at the construction of a diversified art space, wide spread of the culture and value of modern art, further perfection of functionality, and the exploration of art project development. 

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文 / 周磊


Very often I'd call Cai Huansheng by the nickname "Chockney", which more or less is meant as a joke. Obviously, his iPhone paintings would always immediately remind me of David Hockney, a British fella who also immensely enjoys drawing by iPhone. 

Without a doubt, between painting on a 4.7-inch-touch-screen and in front of a large piece of canvas, an artist would certainly have completely different feelings. Imagine this, as we are standing before an easel with stern expression and in all seriousness, a sense of mission regarding painting — about technique, language, colors, concepts, and subject matter, rushes in all of a sudden. It doesn't necessarily allow you to figure out what to do next, but it'd definitely put you at a loss. However, such an embarrassing moment will never happen to Cai Huansheng, the man with his iPhone. Cai would fixate on all kinds of characters and trivial bits, such as his own friends, his favoriate singers, the mundane routines in soap operas, boxers trading punches at each other in the ring, scenery flashing by on the expressway, self image reflected in the rearview mirror, and so on. Through the twisting and turning of his delicate fingers on the touch screen, he'd turn those images into paintings that are full of wit and humor. The exaggerated poses and highly bright tones in his works scream clamor and fierce, while underneath a slight trace of ambiguity is hidden. Occasionally he'd apply heavy gloomy colors to his drawing, putting the viewers in an illusion of sliding down to a dark world. His works reveal the reality laid beneath the glamorous appearances of modern human race (or maybe just himself): tiredness, loneliness, numbness, idleness. Agile and playful, and with the occasional revelations of what a melancholy youth he used to be, this is how I think of Cai. On one hand, Cai has shown his excellent power of control in painting and the capability of capturing images, as well as his wild imagination based on rich visual experience; on the other hand, he's made good used of the convenient, liberal and body-related qualities of iPhone. He's able to record the momentary ideas one after another, may they be evil or ill-humored. Once again, he's exhibited his keen perceptivity towards digital technology, the new medium. Therefore, when he carelessly and "viciously" puts it, "I don't want to control the themes or preciousness in contents. I'd love to bring up unexpected ramifications as I paint", it's as if I could again see those confounded faces standing before easels. 

In my WeChat circle of friends where unspecified exhibition info and spirit-ifting-chicken-soup-for-the-soul articles are all over the place, what I expect to see most is the "unexpected ramifications" when I'm surprised and overjoyed to see another IPhone painting carelessly posted by Cai Huansheng. Exactly, turn on the phone, and it's there. At that moment, the phone, the painting and Cai Huansheng are one.

Text / Zhou Lei

July 22nd, 2017 in G.Z.

蔡焕升1985 年出生于广东海丰,2012 年毕业于广州美术学院,获硕士学位。

曾参加过的展览有:出了广东的鸡不是鸡 (REFORMERart 多媒体艺术空间,上海,2016 年)、"机构生产——广州当代艺术生态考察"(广东美 术馆,广州,2015 年)"可能的存在——广美四人展"(共同体艺术空间,杭州,2011 年)、 "相似与差异——广州澳门当代艺术交流展"(牛房仓库,澳门,2011 年)、"不合时尚 ——广州美术学院油画系第五工作室作品展"(广州美术学院美术馆,广州,2011 年)、 "回声 德国柏林白湖学院广州美术学院交流展"(广州大学城美术馆,广州,2010 年)、 "如何失业"(传承·深圳空间,深圳,2010 年)、"反现实主义工作坊 1—3"(诺尔雪 平美术馆,瑞典;贝桑松美术馆,法国;阿黛勒·C 画廊,意大利。2008 年—2009 年)。 

Bron in Haifeng,Guangdong in 1985. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of fine Arts with a Master′s degree in 2012.

The exhibitions he once participated include:"A possible existence — Four artists from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts'Exhibition "(Community Art Space, Hangzhou , China,2011),"Similarity and Difference — ,Guangzhou/Macau Contemporary Art Exhibition"(Ox Warehouse, Macau, China,2011),"Be out of the fashion"(Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China,2011),"Echo — Teaching Communication Exhibition of Berlin Weissensee School of Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts"(New Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China,2010),"A Guide to Job Loss"(Inheritance — Shenzhen Space, Shenzhen, China,2010),"(Anti) realism: Workshot 1 — 3"(Norrköpings konsthall, Sweden,2008;Ecole Régionale des Beaux Arts de Besançon, France.