开幕:2021.03.28  17:30
时间:2021.03.28 - 06.20 
地点:深圳市坪山区汇德路  坪山美术馆公园馆 

Beyond Social Text

Artists: Li Mingchang, Zhang Jinhui
Curator: Fan Lin
Producer: Pingshan Art Museum
Opening: 2021.3.28  7:30
Duration: 021.3.28-6.20
Location: Pingshan Art Museum Park Annexe  Huide Rd, Pingshan Dst, Shenzhen
Sponsor: Culture, Broadcast and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Pingshan District
Organizer: Pingshan Art Museum


李明昌  Li Mingchang

被分割的物体  Divided Object

布面油画  Oil on canvas

20×30cm  2017






Both Li Mingchang and Zhang Jinhui use oil paintings to illustrate the relationship between daily life and symbolism. These works may be perceived as social texts, which are combinations of signals, signs, and symbols. Simply looking at the objects and scenes described in these pictures, they’re all about the ancient styles of human, nature, and work, with everything being part of a song.

Some work is sacred, and thus will naturally be understood as the manifestation of sacred power. Beyond the natural forms, the continuous changes of human life are often incorporated into the progressive logic of rationality. In such a process, people's values must be closely related to production and lifestyle. This connection is often overlooked whenever we encounter a stage of social transformation or rapid development. Artists use their own descriptions to reconfirm the relationship between concept and life, which is both a mission and a destiny.

Even in the current industrial society, agricultural ethics clearly exists. This kind of coexistence is manifested at least in our yearning for an ideal life. The description of traditional aesthetics will still be maintained despite our modernity: people live in harmony in the countryside and mountains. This yearning, when externalized as a representation, is an image of pastoral life and work scenes. In recent painting creations, this type of motif is easily confined to a large number of depictions that already existed in the art history, but these depictions are often presented with simple and straightforward languages that share similarities with documentary photography. The value and poetry of the work itself are, on the contrary, difficult for the artists to obtain through depiction.

Fortunately, we can meet some specific individuals who unanimously adhere to a series of values about the human spirit, highly relevant to our life. They'll never perceive the relationship between people and nature as either backward or advanced. From the picture itself, there is no expression related to "realistic language" in the general sense. It neither portrays realistic scenes like photographs nor develops grand narratives with no crude cut-in and superficial mixing of traditions. Li Mingchang and Zhang Jinhui have handled the relationship between content and language calmly in their creations in recent years. In their depictions, the value and poetry of the work itself have been fully internalized.

Fan Lin


李明昌  Li Mingchang

血食No.4  Blood Food No.4

布面油画  Oil on canvas

70×90cm  2017

李明昌, 1980 年生,现居广州。从事以架上绘画为主和以绘画展开的一系列相关工作,包括近现代微观历史的视觉与文本探究。 

部分个展:“地表”,广州画廊,广州,中国(2021);“边境线:李明昌”,Tong Gallery+Project,北京,中国(2018);“李明昌”,釜山国际艺术博览会,釜山,韩国(2018);“草蛇灰”,5楼空间,广州,中国(2017));“隐秘的感召”,L+SPACE机构,上海,中国(2016)。部分群展:“打尖”,太古美术馆,广州,中国(2020);“青年力量”,广东美术馆,广州,中国(2020);“低复线叙事”,21空间美术馆,东莞,中国(2018);“青衿计划”,正观美术馆,北京,中国(2018);“上海廿一当代艺术博览会”,兀维间,上海,中国(2017);“纸上-至上”,新造当代艺术中心,广州,中国(2017);“奇妙之年”第二回展,尚榕美术馆,广州,中国(2017);“桥段第二回”广东当代艺术邀请展,广州美术学院大学城美术馆,广州,中国(2017);“第二届广州美术学院青年教师提名展”,广州美术学院美术馆,广州,中国(2017);“ISGO 广州首展”,ISGO 画廊,广州,中国(2017);“视觉生产:艺术劳作见证时代变迁学术提名展”,广东美术馆,广州,中国(2016)

Li Mingchang was born in 1980, now based in Guangzhou. Engaged in a series of related work based on painting, including visual and textual exploration of modern micro-history.

Selection of solo exhibition: “Ground Surface”, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2021), “Edge Site Line: Li Mingchang”, Tong Gallery+Project, Beijing, China (2018), “Li Mingchang”, Art Busan, Busan, Korea (2018), “Floating as Latent, 5 Art Space, Guangzhou, China (2017), “Conceal Inspiration”, L+Space, Shanghai, China (2016), selection of group exhibition: “Da Jian”, Taigu Art Museum, Guangzhou, China (2020); “Young Power”, Gaungdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China (2020), “the Low Bifurcated Narrative”, 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan, China (2018), “Elite Young Artists Program”, Right View Art Museum, Beijing, China (2018), Art 021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, π Dimension, Shanghai, China (2017), On Paper Supreme, AT Center for Contemporary Art, Guangzhou, China (2017), The 2nd Exhibition of the year of magical experience: Boarding a New Ferry Boat, Shangrong Gallery Guangzhou, China (2017), Bridge Round Two: Guangdong Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China (2017), The 2nd Young Teachers’ Nomination Exhibition of GAFA, Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, China (2017), ISGO Gallery First Exhibition: Either Enjoyment or Freedom, ISGO Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2017).