Nowhere But Everywhere

艺术家  Artist
杨洋  Yang Yang
策展人  Curator
冯震霆  Feng Zhenting
开幕  Opening
展期  Duration
地址  Location
广州市海珠区泉塘路38号十号楼101 广州画廊
Rm 101, Bldg No.10, Quantang Rd No.38, Haizhu Dist, Guangzhou, China








Yang Yang: Nowhere but Everywhere

"I felt like I was looking at home when I scrolled through the old photos, but I saw nothing."

Yang Yang pulled up the door of a storefront by the street in an unban. This studio is a little cramped and cluttered compared with the rented house in the Higher Education Mega Center four years ago, but Yang Yang looks more at ease. Making a pot of tea, he started to talk about his work.

"I'm afraid of those big concepts." He told me specifically. Yang's work often touches upon certain topics. We could, of course, apply those theories and terminology in describing his works. However, it would inevitably make these works abstract and, more importantly, trickier for people to grasp Yang's almost instinctive artistic practice.

Fictional or realistic, the works in this exhibition are fragments of traces in Yang's recent creation: things and people he encountered in his hometown, Inner Mongolia, Tibet during his stay, or the restaurant he worked in… These works may be responses to his surroundings, like Clean; sentiments towards things far away, like Booming Fire; or reveries about occasional encounters, like Snow Leopard. What they have in common, perhaps, is that they are all transformed from the subtle connections the artist finds in things, near or far, with himself.

An observant audience may notice that the pair of leather boots on the canvas turns out to be the same pair he wore to walk on the snow. Yang Yang collects bits and pieces when tracing back and comprehending his own identity and smeared them randomly. If one is not confused by these seemingly symbolic images in the works, he or she would find other clues hidden in the corners of the pictures. After all, what he fears, I guess, is that the "big concepts" would devour these bodily experiences in the language.

Feng Zhenting

关于艺术家  About Artist

曾参与展览“机构推荐”,盒子空间,深圳,中国(2020);“卡拉卡拉大浴场”,广州画廊,广州(2019),“广州美术学院美术馆游戏:关于艺术的研究之模拟人生”,广州美术学院,广州,中国(2016),并入围2016 IMFW 内蒙古青年电影周纪录片短片单元。

Yang Yang was born in Inner Mongolia, China, in 1993. He describes his creation as: "My work originates from scrutinizing, counteracting, and transforming my experience with the society and everyday life. I value useless “labor” in the process of making. I’m also interested in the relationships between the nature and individuals. Using painting, video, and different craft materials among others, I try to settle and extend the reality I’m facing in my artistic creation."
Participated in the exhibition “Recommendation of Institution”, Boxes Art Space, Shenzhen, China (2020); “Bath of Caracalla”, Canton Gallery, Guangzhou, China (2019), "Art Museum Game of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts: Simulated Life of Art Research", Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China (2016), and shortlisted in IMFW Inner Mongolia Youth Film Week Documentary Short Film Unit in 2016.