Mountain River Jump!: A Thunder and Eaglewood

2020.7.25 - 2020.9.6


Rm 101, Building No.10, 

Quantang Rd No.38, 

Haizhu Dist, Guangzhou, China

逢周一二休息,周三至周日 11:00-18:00 

Closed on Mon-Tue, open on Wed-Sun 11:00-18:00





河东狮  Lioness Roars No.1

布面丙烯及银漆笔  Acrylic and silver marker on canvas
20×20cm  2020


河东狮  Lioness Roars No.2

布面丙烯及银漆笔  Acrylic and silver marker on canvas
20×20cm  2020


河东狮  Lioness Roars No.3

布面丙烯及银漆笔  Acrylic and silver marker on canvas
20×20cm  2020


舞狮:河东狮  Lion Dance: Lioness Roars

双频录像,彩色,有声 Double-channel video, color, sound
16:9  2020


舞狮:河东狮  Lion Dance: Lioness Roars(舞狮:河东狮Lion Dance: Lioness Roars)

双频录像,彩色,有声 Double-channel video, color, sound
3’32”  16:9  2020


舞狮:河东狮  Lion Dance: Lioness Roars(居家狮王 Home Made Masters)

双频录像,彩色,有声 Double-channel video, color, sound
1’33”  16:9  2020

新世界山水·墨池法  New World Shan Shui·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper

40.5×29.8cm  2020


小老虎·墨池法  Young Tiger·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
29.9×20.45cm  2020


绽放的玫瑰·墨池法  A Blooming Rose·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
29.8×20.3cm  2020


呼吸起伏的山·墨池法  A Breathing Mountain·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
29.9×20.3cm  2020


逐渐熟悉·墨池法  Familiarity·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
20.3×29.8cm×2  2020

蛤蛤蛤蛤  Hahahaha

布面丙烯  Acrylic on canvas
30×30cm  2020


Pearls which are created by this giant shell transform into lottery balls, floating in the sky. This scenario tells an underground urban story about luck: it is said that winning numbers will be hidden in the Teletubbies.


谢蟹蟹蟹蟹  Thank You, Xie Xie

布面丙烯  Acrylic on canvas
30×30cm  2020


Xie xie Crab tends to use its neurons to export problem solving method and express their thankfulness. This amphibian spits bubbles of syllogism, which transform into lottery balls, floating in the air. 



High Speed Divination: Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms 
单频录像,彩色,无声  Single channel video, color, silent
16:9  3’17’’  2017


Mountain River Jump! has chosen 49 Chinese animal idioms from dictionary, then illustrated for them and made them into 49 divinatory cards. We can see how our ancestors described human’s situation through animal idioms. This kind of metaphors can be also found in Zhou Yi. These 49 cards can be distributed into 7 groups, from 0 The dragon’s nine distinguished sons to 48 Time flies like a golden crow and runs like a jade rabbit, including different stages of personal growth. For example, some of the cards are telling stories about new born, development, fights, reflections and rebirth. Divinatory cards are common in human culture while Tarot Cards are the most popular. In China, there is also a long history of divination. Mountain River Jump! is using Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms to see what will come out when eastern cultural genes mix with fortunetelling in the context of contemporary world. Meanwhile, they have strong curiosity towards human psychology and of individuals’ narration.

嘻螅  Hee Hydra

布面丙烯  Acrylic on canvas
30×30cm  2020


Hydra attracts biologists because of their regenerative ability – they do not appear to die of old age, or indeed to age at all. Bubbles transform into lottery balls, floating in water, concealing the codes which human could not decode.


泛灵论  The Call of Animism

Video installation (video and orange bulbs, etc.)
录像:彩色,无声  Video: color, silent
5’  16:9  2020



Mountain River Jump! creates a digital divination system introducing natural symbolic elements. This video invites viewers to hear from The Call of Animism, by imagining drawing energy from the beings existed around us.


发芽的思想·墨池法  Sprouting Thoughts·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
29.8×40.5cm  2020


有眼睛的树·墨池法  A Tree with Eyes·Ink Pool

中国书画墨水,康颂水彩纸  Chinese ink on Canson watercolor paper
29.7×20.3cm  2020


Huang He’s works are inspired from a particular ink-painting method, which is believed to have originated in the Tang Dynasty, named Ink Pool. By using paper to record the instantaneous moments of the flowing ink, she tries to evoke free association in the viewers’ mind. Analogous to the famous Rorschach Inkblot Test in psychiatry, she assumes the patterns of the ink flows can tell the spiritual characteristics of human beings. There is a fluorescent signature from the artist on each drawing.



山河跳!的创作曾被《ArtAsiaPacific》介绍,近期参与项目包括:“惠比寿映像祭2020”地域连携部分,东京,日本;“末路斜阳”,上海当代艺术博物馆;“佛系青年:冷漠与共”,北京德国文化中心歌德学院;“原力寺”,上海油罐艺术;“浪淘沙FM”,UCCA沙丘美术馆,北戴河;Glow Like That, Victoria Dockside , K11艺术基金会,香港;“DOJO 道场:抽象艺术寺院”,Le Commun,日内瓦;“制造性别”,北京泰康空间等等。山河跳!将在2021年参与首届亚洲协会三年展,纽约。

Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded in 2016 by twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. The duo has a variety of creative formats in art, often applying "divination consulting" as a performance to examine the potential of such art medium, and to interact with the audience at the intrinsic level. With their studies into Oriental mysticism and folklore, the artists pry open the topics of identity politics, labor issues, feminism, life politics, modernity and others. They pay attention to the embodiment of mythological clues in a daily context, attempting to carry out "psychoanalysis" of the reality, and reflecting on the materialist culture within modern China and its psychological status. Huang Shan and Huang He presently work and live in Foshan, Guangdong. 

Their practice was introduced by ArtAsiaPacific. Recent participated projects of Mountain River Jump! include: Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2020 Regional Cooperation Project, Tokyo; Sunset on a Dead End, Power Station of Art (PSA), Shanghai; The Force Temple, Tank Shanghai; Waves wash away the sand FM, UCCA Dune, Beidaihe; Glow Like That, Victoria Dockside, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong; DOJO le temple de l'abstraction, Le Commun, Genéva; GENDERS ENGENDER, Taikang Space, Beijing, etc. They are going to take part in We Do Not Dream Alone, Asia Society Triennial, New York in 2021.